If you are a woman, you know about the struggles and challenges most women have to face. From monthly periods to fluctuating hormones and body pains, you have to endure these things that many men have no idea about.

Indeed, life is a little cruel for women, not to mention that women are 3x more vulnerable to getting migraines than men. Dr. Kurt Sherwood, our migraine chiropractor in Renton, can attest to this fact. In his years of service, Dr. Sherwood has cared for hundreds of migraine sufferers, mostly women. 


Hormonal Fluctuations Trigger Migraines

Exposure to specific triggers often result in migraine attacks or flare-up of an ongoing episode, and fluctuating hormones is a classic migraine culprit.

Compared to men, women experience shifts in hormonal levels more frequently. Hormonal changes in females happen along their monthly menstrual cycle. If you are a female, the frequency and intensity of your migraine attacks link directly to the fluctuation of your estrogen levels.

Evidence points out that women begin to endure migraines during menarche or their first menstruation. Migraine episodes in women can become more severe during pregnancy or menopause. Unfortunately, other triggers can significantly increase these already distressing migraines.

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What Other Things Trigger Migraines?

Our trusted Renton chiropractor for migraines explains that triggers for migraines are different for every individual. Taking note of the things that cause your migraine attacks is an excellent way to prepare for your plans. This way, you can have a great time without minding your migraines.

Migraine triggers consist of a variety of conditions and situations.  Some of these triggers are unavoidable, while others you can easily steer clear of.  An excellent example of an inevitable trigger of migraines are the following:

Changing Weather

Weather changes can affect the human body in many possible ways, including triggering a migraine attack. If changing weather brings about your migraines, take note of these triggers:

  • temperature increases
  • barometric pressure changes
  • sudden rain or heat
  • shifts in humidity 
  • lightning storms

We highly advise you to observe news about weather changes and perhaps download a weather-tracking app. This way, you’ll know whether you need to take preventive measures for your migraines.

Pulsating, Glaring Lights

Bright, rapidly blinking lights can trigger migraines. Although some lights can help with migraines, generally, try to avoid glaring lights to reduce your chance of getting migraine attacks.

Foul, Strong Odors

Sometimes, certain smells can bring about migraine attacks. If your nose is sensitive to chemical odors or any other scents that you find appalling, avoid the origin of these smells as much as possible.

Steer clear of cigarette smoke, gasoline, strong perfume, and other sources of strong punch-in-your-nose smells to prevent migraine episodes from occurring. Wearing face masks out in public or adding a few drops of scented oil on your handkerchief are a few good tricks for when you cannot avoid these foul odors.

Loud, Repeating Noise

Have you experienced getting a painful headache from listening to loud music? If you have, you might be one of the many individuals who get migraines due to loud sounds. An excellent way to remove unpleasant sounds when you are outside is by listening to calming music with a noise-canceling headset. 

Poor Sleeping Habits

Insufficient sleep is another classic culprit for headaches and migraines. Sleeping less than 5 or 6 hours every night can make you at risk of developing a number of health conditions, including migraines. If you suffer from sleeping disorders (such as insomnia) that disrupt your sleep, trying out sleeping pills (with a doctor’s recommendation, of course) can help with your sleeping issues. 

Stress and Anxiety

Too much stress and anxiety can literally change the chemical make-up of the body. When exposed to stressful situations, your body releases stress hormones that can trigger a migraine attack. If you are constantly stressed and anxious, especially during this pandemic, we urge you to engage in activities that help release stress and negativity. Try out yoga, pottery, gardening, or any other activity that you find relaxing.

Excessive Workouts

Mild, regular exercises are helpful when it comes to maintaining health. However, overexertion can lead to several negative impacts on the body, including migraines. Fatigue is both a trigger and a symptom of migraine. When exercising, do not push yourself too hard– relax and cool down whenever you need.

Drinking Alcohol

Dealing with stress by drinking alcohol is a negative way to cope with the issues you face. Alcohol does not only damage the liver but also harms the mind. If you’ve tried drinking alcohol, you might have experienced the dehydrated feeling and headaches that come after your drinking session. Dehydration can flare up or provoke a migraine attack.

Skipping Meals

Many individuals seem to think that proper dieting for weight loss equates to skipping a meal or two every day. Fasting and poor eating habits always lead up to no good– especially if you are an active person who has a busy job, you’ll need enough energy to get you through the day. 

Forget about diet fads and practice healthy eating instead. Eating small amounts of food several times a day can help you stay full, reduce migraine attacks, and metabolize the food better for weight loss.


Visit a Renton Chiropractor for Migraines

Getting migraines at an inopportune moment is both frustrating and draining. If you are a woman, imagine getting a debilitating migraine during that time of the month. The pain in your abdomen and head will indulge you to curl up in a dark room and render you unproductive for an entire day.

Here at Restoration Spinal Care, we know how important your time is. Of course, you can take medications to curb the pain and discomfort. However, until you take action and address the root of the problem, migraines will continue to haunt you for a long time.

Aside from hormonal changes and the triggers we listed above, neck misalignments can spark migraines. Dr. Sherwood practices NUCCA chiropractic, a completely safe and gentle adjustment method that can solve your migraine dilemma.

Many of our patients have greatly benefited from this practice. You can check how NUCCA chiropractic significantly improved their migraines and other conditions from their testimonies. If you want to learn more about this practice, set a consultation with us by calling 425-243-1607. Our team will gladly answer your questions. You can also reach us by filling out our patient form.


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