Migraines can be truly debilitating for someone who regularly has to endure them. Episodes may last up to 72 hours in the case of chronic migraines. Besides just pain, sufferers may experience nausea, dizziness, vision problems, and other symptoms. If you suffer from this condition, where can you find migraine relief? Let’s discuss some of the common treatments as well as how you can find natural relief from your migraines.

Physicians are still perplexed as to what causes migraines. They realize that some are the result of head and neck injuries. Migraines also seem to run in families. People will sometimes have a particular trigger, either a certain food or activity that precedes a migraine.

As a result, treatments offered by physicians vary. Some will prescribe beta blockers, some prescribe antidepressants, and others will prescribe anti-seizure medications. This variance is a result of some of the supposed causes of migraines. One thing they all have in common is that these medications have side effects, so many are now seeking natural solutions. One method is to try and observe what a person’s triggers are and simply avoid those as much as possible.

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As another option, upper cervical chiropractic may be the migraine relief solution that you have been searching for. If your migraines are due to an injury, the problem is likely with a misalignment of the C1 and C2 vertebrae. A consult will let you know if upper cervical chiropractic care can provide you with the migraine relief that you need.


Natural Relief for Migraines in Renton, Washington

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