Hello, welcome to my new blog.

My name is Dr Kurt Sherwood and I intend to use this space to produce information that is critical to your health and wellness. My goal is to provide information that can and will transform your life for the better!

So, why listen to me? What do I have to offer? There are many blogs about health and wellness and many different experts.

Here is what sets me apart from the others. I walk the walk…I have been around wellness and natural healthcare all of my life! Call it what you will “Alternative Healthcare”, “Complimentary Healthcare”, “Wellness Based Care”,”Drugless Healing”, “Granola, Hippie, Peace on Earth” Whatever…

Get your legs in shape for this hike!

My parents were both Doctors of Chiropractic, that graduated from the Prestigious Palmer College of Chiropactic in the 1950’s. Both worked in the BJ Palmer Clinic in Davenport, Iowa. The clinic attracted patients from all over the country and world at that time.  Luckily for me, they moved to the great Pacific Northwest to begin their practice.

Now imagine, the 1960’s, when your average MD still smoked while he recommended not breast feeding your child. Meanwhile, my mom was baking without using refined white sugar, or bleached refined flour. My dad decided to move us out to the country so we could raise our own beef. That way we did not have to eat the commercially raised meat finished on the feed lot with a big dose of antibiotics! (this is before “Organic” and before “Whole Foods”!)

No soda pop in our house, no balogna (sodium nitrite), no hotdogs (who knows what), no fruitloops, are you getting the picture….

Chukar country....

So what happens to me? I don’t get any cavities…ever. I never miss school because I am  never symptomatic enough to justify it. I never get an ear infection. I never receive an antibiotic, I don’t get headaches, I never have an aspirin! I don’t get vaccinated…I don’t die…

I am taught to respect the great things that modern medicine can provide especially in trauma care and other life saving protocols.

I excel in academics and athletics. I swim competatively as a kid through high school where I set 6 school records and participate in regional district championships. I train in  martial arts.

By 17 years of age I realize that I should become a Doctor of Chiropractic, because  it is not an “Alternative Medicine”, but a lifestyle! By 1989 I publish a research article showing the posture of the entire body can be corrected by adjusting the top bone in the neck accurately.

So, here I am at 45 five years old, over 20 years in practice specializing in the NUCCA procedure. (Correcting the spine by perfecting the upper neck alignment)  My goal, to try to continue the legacy my parents taught me, helping people with neck, and back pain, TMJ problems, Headaches, Fibromyalgia, vertigo, MS, and many others…(Stay tuned for specifics)

Still no cavities. I am a huge outdoor fanatic. I hunt chukar, which requires routine 2500 foot climbs in rough terrain, (think mountain climbing with a gun). I own two river boats that are powered by rowing. (Fly fishing requirements) Black belts in two different martial arts. Recently doing hot yoga, and high intensity training  “super slow” style (more on that later…)

So who are you going to trust to be an “expert” in natural healthcare?

Some MD who got face time on an afternoon television talk show?

Some Doctor that is a consultant for the evening news…( those guys wouldn’t last 20 minutes chukar hunting!)

At least, know that I walk the walk.  I don’t recommend things I would not do, or trust for my own family. A wellness lifestyle works…It is what God intended…I am proof.

Come back and read my blog! We’ll talk about NUCCA spinal correction, exercise, nutrition, and healthy outdoor activities.