Last time we looked at new research from Europe that showed how upper neck misalignments are leading to changes in blood flow from the brain in multiple sclerosis patients.  And how head and neck trauma such as whiplash may be the initiating factor.  Today we look at a natural, noninvasive approach to correcting these upper neck misalignments thereby restoring normal blood flow.

Upper Cervical Specialist Dr. Erin Elster has done extensive research with trauma and multiple sclerosis. She found that 90% of patients diagnosed with MS have had a trauma to the head or neck prior to the onset of the symptoms. And when x-rayed these patients have a clearly upper neck misalignments that is putting pressure on the nervous system and the blood vessels.  After administering treatment to correct their upper cervical injuries, 40 of 44 (91%) MS cases showed symptomatic improvement and no further disease progression during the care period of 5 years.

Blood flow is not the only thing affected by these upper neck misalignments in MS patients though. A paper, titled “The Possible Role of Cranio-Cervical Trauma and Abnormal CSF Hydrodynamics in the Genesis of Multiple Sclerosis,” was recently published and appears in the journal Physiological Chemistry and Physics and Medical NMR (Sept. 20, 2011, 41: 1-17).

Commenting on the study, the lead researcher, Raymond V. Damadian stated, “These new observations have uncovered biomechanical barriers (upper neck misalignments) that appear to give rise to multiple sclerosis, and, even more excitingly, these barriers may be therapeutically addressable (by upper neck realignment or surgery).”

The findings are based on viewing the real-time flow of cerebrospinal fluid in a series of randomly chosen patients with multiple sclerosis.  The cerebrospinal fluid, known as CSF, lubricates the brain and spinal cord.

The obstruction comes as the first few bones in the neck becomes misaligned and causes a backup of CSF and changes in blood flow.  When this misalignment was corrected, the study shows pressure decreases by 28.6%! The flow also becomes uniform again once treatment is given.

Upper Neck Misalignments, CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis

Now more research is needed…but doesn’t it make sense to begin with the least invasive procedures available to deal with CCSVI and Multiple sclerosis such as the NUCCA upper neck realignment procedure?  There are already reports of many side effects and complications associated with the surgical procedure designed to correct the CCSVI.

If you have had a head or neck trauma prior to the onset of your MS, even if it was 10 or 15 years prior, which was common with the patients in Elster’s study.  An upper neck misalignments could be the underlying cause.

This type of upper neck misalignment correction can only be performed by a specially trained group of doctors. Fortunately for you, one of these doctors is within your own community.

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