What’s in Aura

Sometimes, some people experience something along with migraines called Aura. Those are symptoms that occur before the actual migraine and can include anything from flashes of light, tingling in the hand or face, physical weakness, or even temporary visual impairment.

As you can imagine, since there is no general consensus as to the cause of migraines, there is no consensus as to the cause of migraines with aura. No one is even quite sure why some people who suffer from migraines experience aura and others do not.  Though, research shows that the cause may very well be a sudden release of chemical in the brain, specifically dopamine and serotonin.

Though, the good news is that while migraines with aura come with an extra pain than just regular migraines, the treatment for the two is the same. That’s because medication is designed to cover symptoms, not to get to the issue of a problem.


Migraines and Medication

So, since migraines, whether with or without aura, consist of many of the same symptoms as such things as seizures, doctors will often use such things as anti-seizure medication to treat both. They may also use antidepressants, since those consist of the same levels of chemicals used to control migraines. Doctors will go on and on trying various medications to cover those symptoms, until there is a little relief. Though, with each new medication, they will need to consider the fact that they have already pumped your body full of chemicals.

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A Better way to Fight Migraine Pain

The truth is that while they are giving you drugs that may or may not give you temporary relief from those migraines, and will hopefully not cause rebound headaches, there is a much better way to overcome the pain. This way is so effective that not only will it help your overcome the pain, but many times it will help migraine sufferers eliminate the pain.

Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the upper neck and correcting misalignments that occur due to head and neck injuries. When a misalignment has occurred in the upper neck it will lead to changes in the blood, cerebral spinal fluid and nerve flow which can lead to a variety of symptoms including migraine headaches. If you have a history of head or neck injuries a thorough upper neck evaluation is extremely important for you.

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