Migraines are certainly debilitating. Nearly 50% of people around the world have reported actively having problems with headaches. In the USA, 10% are suffering from headaches, with women being more likely to get migraines than men.


Treatment for Migraines

The fact that migraines are difficult to treat is no secret, especially to those suffering from them. Healthcare providers struggle with answers for their patients. The reason for this is that head pain are different for each person, and what works for one does not work for all. Such things as red wine, chocolate, and caffeine may be triggers for one group of people, but another group can enjoy these with no ill-effects. Powerful drugs with dangerous side-effects are given as options, but they offer no long-term relief and in some people are ineffective.

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A New Idea

The new trend in migraine treatment is to look for some kind of natural relief. The recommended treatment for migraines has always been to lie down in a cool, dark room. However, there is new research being done that indicates the very opposite might bring more relief. They suggest getting up and moving about. When a person does mild exercise, the body releases something called endorphins. These are hormones that actually improve your mood, help you feel better, and can even block the feeling of pain. In a study done in Germany, it was reported that exercise helped in 65% of migraine patients.


What if It Doesn’t Work?

It is important, whether or not exercise helps a person, that he look into finding out the underlying cause of one’s migraines. An upper cervical chiropractor can help in this area. We understand that a misalignment of only ¼ of a millimeter in the upper neck vertebrae, called the C1 or atlas, can cause headaches and a number of other health problems. A misaligned atlas can put pressure on the brainstem and cause miscommunication throughout the body. A study performed involving 100 headache patients revealed that within one or two adjustments by an upper cervical chiropractor all of them saw improvement in headache symptoms.


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