panic attacks, chiropractor for vertigo in Renton

Are you a huge fan of the Disney TV hit, Wandavision? If not, do you love watching shows and movies starring Elizabeth Olsen? If you’re an avid follower of the beautiful Hollywood actress, you know how many fans she has across the globe. But, did you know that she previously suffered from hourly panic attacks as well as vertigo symptoms when she was 21 and living alone in NYC?

In a brave tell-all article, Elizabeth detailed how her impairment almost caused her to “drop dead” while walking on the bustling streets of New York. Her ENT told her that she likely have vertigo, prompting her to receive treatments for at least six months. She also tapped into brain games to help her get out of her head and avoid triggering panic attacks and subsequent vertigo episodes. 

Like her, you might also be a vertigo sufferer whose episodes stem from panic attacks. Hence, you might find it extremely helpful to look into the discussion of your leading chiropractor for vertigo in Renton on how to overcome panic attacks and lessen the severity of your vertigo episodes.


Chronic Anxiety, Vertigo, and Dizziness: How are They Connected? 

Now you must be wondering, “how in the world can panic attacks and chronic anxiety impair my sense of balance?” Truth be told, the relationship between chronic anxiety and panic attacks, vertigo, and dizziness is quite complicated. That’s because they tend to trigger each other. 

The more anxious you feel, the more likely you feel dizzy or detect abnormal spinning sensations.

The more vertigo episodes you have, the worse panic and anxiety attacks you will have. 

It’s easy to get trapped in an endless loop if you don’t get help and seek ways to address both issues. They can also cause you to feel extremely miserable and frustrated about your life, pushing you to become disconnected from the things you love, like going out on long walks with your dog and traveling with your family or friends.

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Best Way to Cope with Your Problems: Upper Cervical Care

It’s not easy to break free from anxiety, panic attacks, and balance problems. This is especially true if postural misalignments prevent your body from doing its job. So, we strongly recommend retracing your medical history and determining if you had moments where you hurt your neck or bumped your head. 

This can include things like whiplash, concussions, sports-related injuries to your neck and upper back, and physical abuse. You might also find it helpful to look at childbirth-related injuries. 

The reason why you should look into these things is that they can cause ligament tears along your upper neck. And consequently, these could lead to upper cervical bone misalignments – one of the leading causes of debilitating health conditions to date.  

Atlas and axis bone shifting can cause your head to tilt and your spine to twist in support of the new postural changes. Sadly, this can set off many problems leading to recurring vertigo episodes. It can also affect your brain chemicals, making you more susceptible to anxiety and panic attacks. 

In the long run, if left unresolved (because your neck bone misalignments won’t get fixed on their own), other worse symptoms can take over your day-to-day life.

panic attacks, chiropractor for vertigo in Renton

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Vertigo episodes can be a bummer to deal with! Couple your symptoms with anxiety and panic attacks, and you’re set to experience massive interruptions to your usual routine. Fortunately, you can redefine your approach to managing such health problems with the help of the leading chiropractor for vertigo in Renton.

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