We offer solutions to painful healthcare problems by recognizing that balanced posture is essential to overall health.
In 1989 I published a research study in the journal of chiropractic research. (J Chiropr Res. Summer, 1989; 5(4): 96-100)
We showed that by correcting the neck alignment you can correct the posture of the entire spine and body.

Why is posture so important? There is substantial research showing that postural problems can lead to many painful conditions.

Postural imbalance can lead to spine pain, but research now concludes it can also cause headache pain, temporomandibular joint and cranial-mandibular pain. It leads to early degenerative arthritis of the spine and many other conditions. Let’s just agree that poor posture and postural problems are bad for your health!

The human body is a complex mechanical entity. Why wouldn’t the alignment of the body frame be important to overall health? Would you want to live in a home that is crooked and ready to fall down? Would you drive around in a car that is so out of alignment that it violently pulls to one side? Why do we think the human body gets to ignore the common laws of physics? When you see an elderly person walking down the road and their body is forced into a hunched over position with a big hump on their back, do you think this has no effect on their health. Obviously, that condition is detrimental to overall health!


Neck Correction Specialists

Here is an important point to consider. The neck area is the critical link in correcting overall posture. As my research showed, if you correct the neck aligment you can correct the posture.

The neck is complex and very delicate. It requires a specialist to correct the neck. We are neck experts!
We utilize the NUCCA procedure to correct the neck alignment. This is a precise, low force adjustment. This specialized technique is designed to accurately correct the neck area.

Our goal is to help as many families as possible by providing precise neck correction to balance the posture and restore health.


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