Over the past 20 some years I have had the opportunity to work with many people suffering the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In many cases the NUCCA procedure has been effective at helping manage the symptoms of MS. Some people may wonder how this is possible, and I will get into that if you read along.

First here is the official medical description of what MS is: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is considered an inflammatory, demyelinating, and neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system (CNS).
Here is a simple way to think of it.

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is made of of your brain (the computer that runs the body) and your spinal cord (the pathway of communication between the brain and body). “Gray’s Anatomy” the textbook, describes the CNS as the master system that controls and coordinates all other systems of the body. The CNS is dominated by long nerves that send messages back and forth from the computer (brain) to the rest of the body. These long nerve fibers are surrounded by an insulating cell membrane called myelin, much like the insulation on an electrical wire.

MS damages the myelin insulation and therefore damages the CNS. Any disease process that damages the CNS is very serious, since this is the master system of the body. The symptoms vary depending how the CNS is damaged but include sensory disturbances in the arms and legs, loss of normal movement of the arms and legs, varying degrees of loss of the ability to walk or walk normally, varying degrees of vision disturbance or loss of vision, and other symptoms. So, this is not a good condition to have!

There have been several research articles published in the literature showing that chiropractic care can help Multiple sclerosis, specifically upper cervical chiropractic care such as NUCCA which is the procedure we utilize at our office.

Most recently I read a research article by Brown et al. in the J. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Res. – March 1, 2012.
In this case study they used the NUCCA procedure to dramatically help reduce the symptoms of MS in a middle aged woman.
There are several similar studies in the research. Dr Elster, has published several studies on Multiple sclerosis including a large study with over 80 Multiple sclerosis cases. He also utilized upper cervical chiropractic care and documented dramatic improvement with the Multiple sclerosis symptoms.


Seeking NUCCA Chiropractic Care for Multiple Sclerosis

Here at my office we are currently working with several MS patients. In February 2012 we started working with a woman with MS and after first NUCCA correction she reported the most serious symptoms of loss of balance related to the MS were gone!

So how does it work?

We know that the NUCCA procedure has a positive effect on the CNS, by correcting the alignment of the upper neck and head. This positive effect counteracts the negative effect of the MS condition has on the CNS in some cases. I wish we could brag that this works on 100% of MS cases, but it does not.

The best results occur in cases where the person can still walk on their own. Both sensory and motor problems can resolve. Here is an example: We had a recent case where the primary symptom was a “burning” pain on one side of the body.

This case responded well and the “burning” pain improved. Another recent case, (the one we  discussed above), was a case where the primary problem was walking, balance and coordination. This person also responded well to NUCCA care.

We are interested in helping more MS cases with NUCCA care, If you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally. We may be able to help you find a NUCCA doctor.


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