Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options

Multiple Sclerosis Medical Treatment

The battle against multiple sclerosis (MS) has raged on for decades. Unfortunately, we are yet to find the cure for this condition that attacks the central nervous system. Despite this fact, most people with MS live a normal lifespan, and many maintain their ability to walk for a couple of decades after their diagnosis. What is improving the prognosis of this condition? It is a combination of approaches to multiple sclerosis. Involving a variety of multiple sclerosis treatment options. In fact, over half of individuals diagnosed with this condition now turn to a combination of medical and alternative choices. What medical approaches exist? Read on to learn more about available MS treatments.

The FDA has approved quite a few drugs for the control of the many and varied symptoms of MS. Because the disease attacks the central nervous system, it can affect all parts of the body, and it may manifest itself differently from patient to patient. Thus, there are presently 10 different drugs on the market which are prescribed depending on the symptoms that a patient suffers from.

Some treatments for MS are taken orally. Others are administered via an intravenous. Beta interferon’s are one of the many injectable treatments for MS. This treatment is primarily administered to those who suffer from relapse-remitting MS (the most common form which includes temporary flare ups of the disease and occasions when new symptoms will occur).


Neck Injuries and Multiple Sclerosis

One alternative form of medicine that more people are turning to in order to treat MS is upper cervical chiropractic care. Many testimonials and studies point to the fact that upper cervical chiropractic adjustments can help manage MS symptoms. Perhaps this is because upper cervical chiropractic adjustments focus on the C1 and C2 vertebrae which are found where the brain stem meets the spinal cord.

It has been posited that an injury to this area (maybe even one that occurred at birth) could be the underlying cause for the condition. While not a cure for MS, upper cervical chiropractic is very effective in helping people with multiple sclerosis. Thus, many have coupled it with conventional medicine. For others, once they are properly aligned in their upper neck are able to decrease or eliminate their multiple sclerosis medication.

Until a cure can be found for MS, the best way to deal with the disease is to mitigate the symptoms. This consequently calls for both medical treatments and natural remedies. This combination of treatment options has often led to a long full life for those with MS.


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