While there still is no known cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), the first major breakthrough in pain management and symptoms reversal may have recently been discovered. How can upper cervical chiropractic (UCC) help the more than 1 million multiple sclerosis patients worldwide (about two thirds of whom are female)? To understand the treatment, let’s first discuss the disease.

MS is a condition that affects not only the brain but also the spinal cord and the brain stem. The disease manifests itself differently in each patient but can include numbness and pain in the limbs, difficulty walking, problems with balance, weakness in muscles, vision problems, memory loss, and more. As the condition progresses, it results in permanent disabilities. A condition called demyelination occurs during the later stages of the disease. The body attacks its own myelin, a fatty substance that protects the nerves. This inhibits nerve communication with the brain, and results in a more rapid development and progression of symptoms.

For many years now, researchers have been connecting this condition with early childhood injuries to the upper cervical area (anything from a fall to whiplash to a concussion). In fact, at least one published study linked every single case considered to injuries suffered within the first years of life, some within the first months. These findings, which give insight to the potential cause of the disease, have led to attempts to provide drug free, natural relief for patients by using upper cervical chiropractic. What have the results been of this treatment option?

A recent study has concluded that when an upper cervical chiropractor corrects damage to the area, more than 90 percent of MS sufferers show improvement in their condition. These injuries appear to be connected to the disease and the symptoms. As upper cervical chiropractic is used to help the original injury, patients have seen a lessening of pain, and even reversal of some symptoms previously believed to be permanent.

A prominent MS sufferer, Montel Williams, has recently provided his own personal testimonial about his experience with UCC to manage his MS. He says that he walks better and is in less pain. This statement was made less than 2 weeks after he began treatment.


Multiple Sclerosis Relief in Seattle, Washington

There are upper cervical chiropractors throughout the country, including my NUCCA clinic in Renton, Washington, who are using their skills to treat patients with MS. If you have multiple sclerosis and need help managing the symptoms, see if upper cervical chiropractic may be the right choice for you.

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