Migraines have a long history. Even President Thomas Jefferson reportedly had migraines every afternoon during his second term. Imagine the difficulty trying to run a country with such a debilitating ailment! Millions around the world can relate to such a struggle.

Migraines have been called the world’s “most common neurological disability.” In the 200 years since, medical research has shed some light on the subject, but in general, the medical community still struggles when it comes to managing the condition.

What is known, is that migraines are not merely bad headaches. Other symptoms commonly accompany a migraine. These can include visual disturbances as well as nausea and vomiting. Part of what can make treatment difficult is the wide array of symptoms. For this reason, doctors find themselves depending on a range of medications to help alleviate a patient’s suffering.

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The Upper Cervical Chiropractic Option for Migraines

Research has also directed attention to how closely linked the nervous system is to migraines and their symptoms. Based on published information, ensuring that the nervous system has not been compromised is a good first step in evaluating someone with migraines. Here in Renton, Washington, we conduct these specific types of analysis.

At the base of the brainstem, the top two vertebrae, known as the Atlas and the Axis, can become misaligned. Checking for such misalignments can determine if pressure on the nervous system is the cause of the migraine pain and its associated symptoms. To realign the vertebrae and correct the problem, very specialized measurements are taken, and gentle adjustments are made according to the results. The removal of the stress in that region of the head and neck allows for normal function of the nervous system. This can provide a lasting form of relief without depending on medication and also aids in natural healing for this vital region of the body.


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