The delicate balance of blood and cerebrospinal fluid and their free flow between the brain and body is vital to health. These fluids travel through the brainstem. Should this process be in some way impeded, it can cause irritation and lead to migraines. What can cause this resistance to normal flow? How can symptoms be relieved and flow restored?

One noted cause of disrupted flow is a misaligned upper cervical vertebra. The top two bones in the neck are closely linked to the brainstem and the pathways that connect the body and the brain. If one vertebra is even slightly out of place (as small as 1/4mm), it can interfere with proper flow. While migraines can have various causes, they have been linked to damage in the upper cervical region. Damage to this area can be the result of even minor accidents or whiplash. Migraines may not even be experienced at the time of the injury. Sometimes it can take years for symptoms to manifest.

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Migraines and Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when the ligaments in the neck are overextended. This can happen with a fall, sports-related injury, or collision. Whiplash can be sustained even at just 5MPH. These can cause the upper vertebrae of the neck to come out of alignment. A proper examination of this region by an upper cervical chiropractor can determine if there is, in fact, a misalignment. This can lead to relief from symptoms and migraines.


Migraines and a Healthy Spine

Realigning the upper cervical vertebrae is a precise and gentle procedure. Once back in place, vessels and other conduits of fluid can resume normal flow and function. When this happens, the body is in a better position to heal itself in a natural way. Migraines frequently reduce in number and gravity. In some cases, they may be resolved completely.


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