Migraine headaches are disabling. Some people experience them only occasionally and are able to cope by resting in a cool, dark room. For others, though, migraines occur on a more regular basis and require days or weeks to recover. Out of all types of headaches, migraines are rated as the most common according to the Merck Manual. Is there any natural solution that actually works for relieving migraines?


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Migraines

One of the main reasons people seek out care from chiropractors is migraine headaches. No one in the field of medicine has been able to determine the exact cause of migraines. However, they do agree that this is a neurovascular condition related to the function of the brainstem. The spot where the brainstem comes out of the skull, where the C1 and C2 vertebrae are situated, is highly susceptible to damage and misalignments.

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When a misalignment is found in this sensitve area of the neck, it makes sense that pressure would be exerted upon the brainstem, in turn, leading to the nervous and vascular systems being affected negatively. Blood flow to the brain is hindered, and muscles balance is distorted.

Upper cervical chiropractors have been specifically trained to focus our attention on the upper two vertebrae and make sure that they are in the correct position. If they are not, we apply the latest techniques that are very gentle and effective to help correct the problem. This procedure has no unwanted side effects and can offer a long-lasting solution to migraines because we are addressing the root cause of the problem rather than covering over symptoms.

Once the misalignment is corrected, proper blood flow will return, nerves can begin to heal, and communication is restored throughout the body. Many patients have reported a decrease in both the intensity and frequency in occurrence of migraines while others have had their migraines go away completely.


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