When you tell someone you have a migraine, their first thought is probably that you are suffering from a severe headache. However, head pain is only one symptom of migraines. What we are going to talk about today is nausea. Nausea that accompanies migraines can be so severe that it actually makes a person vomit.

What really are migraines, and why do they cause nausea? First, we must realize that this is a neurological condition. No one really knows the exact cause, but there are some reasons they may happen.

  • An accident or an injury
  • Genetics
  • The environment in which you live
  • Chemicals released by the brain
  • Physical activity
  • Certain types of food

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Are There Any Solutions?

If you were to go to your medical doctor, he or she might prescribe a beta blocker, an anti-seizure medicine, or an anti-depressant. The reason for these drugs? To help decrease some of the symptoms and, therefore, reduce the frequency of head pain for the person. But, keep in mind, that any prescription medication may have side effects.

Another thing that may help you to determine the cause of your migraines is to keep a food journal. This will help you to see if the headaches come on after eating certain foods. This is common with many that have migraines, but it may not be the case with you. You may have to look deeper to the root cause of your head pain.


What Does the Upper Cervical Spine Tell About Migraines?

One thing that may help in finding the cause of your pain is to see an upper cervical chiropractor, such as Dr. Kurt Sherwood of Renton, Washington. Dr. Sherwood will examine the top two vertebrae in the neck to see if you have a misalignment. Even a tiny misalignment of only ¼ of a millimeter can be the cause of your headaches and nausea. When this occurs, it causes miscommunication between the brain and the body. The brainstem no longer functions properly due to lack of blood and cerebral spinal fluid. These are things that cause migraines and, in turn, nausea.

Dr. Sherwood will adjust the vertebrae in your neck back to the original position. This will restore things in your brainstem back to normal and very well may stop your migraines. Why not call Dr. Sherwood and schedule an examination. Get your life back today!


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