Is Neck Pain Related to Migraines?

The cause of neck pain may be revealed to be the result of a sports injury or a car accident, but there are times when it can be a warning sign that a migraine is about to occur. Yet, some migraine sufferers do not notice neck pain until after this neurological condition, or migraine, has gone away.

An online survey was conducted by the National Headache Foundation. They discovered that 31% of people who suffer from migraines also experience neck pain at the same time. Another 38% said they always experience neck pain either before or after their migraine. That means that neck pain is found in 69% of all migraine sufferers.


That Feeling in Your Neck

A tightness in the neck muscles and joints is the start of what is referred to as a cervicogenic headache. This condition is connected to the cervical spine and stimulates tightness and nerves in the neck. Since those nerves extend to the head, they cause head pain too. This tenseness can lead to a migraine.

Physical or mental stress can cause this tightness in the body. Medication is not the best answer in this situation. Of course, the side effects of medication can often lead to more stress anyway.

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Tension Relief for Neck Pain

Because this tightness in your body is probably due to stress, you will want to find out what is causing you unusually high stress. Can you adjust your work schedule, your daily routine, or your eating habits to help you better cope with life’s stresses? Make sure to take some time for practicing stress-relieving techniques, exercising, and relaxing.

How your body adapts to stressful situations is vital when it comes to headaches, migraines, and neck pain. If you have ever had a neck or head injury, you may have a misalignment in your upper neck. This can lead to changes in the way cerebral spinal fluid and blood flow to your brain. And how nerves work can also be affected. This can cause changes in the nervous system and muscles.

An upper cervical chiropractor, such as Dr. Kurt Sherwood of Renton, Washington, can thoroughly examine your upper neck for problems. Since Dr. Sherwood specializes in the upper neck, this is a good first step in evaluating the underlying cause of your migraines. Such action can lead you to a better quality of life. Call Dr. Sherwood today.


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