Needing to Crack Your Neck or Back Is a Sign of a Weak Spine

If you have ever had the urge to crack your back, have someone hug you and crack it for you, or crack your neck, you are not alone. Self-cracking one’s spine or neck is something most people, or perhaps everyone, has done at one time or another.

Though, one’s ability to crack their neck or back does not mean it is a good practice. It is a sign that their spine is not aligned, and that they need to seek an evaluation from an Upper Cervical Specialist. Below are some other signs that it is time to come in for a checkup.

Signs of a Weak Spine

  • Press your thumbs into that spot just below your skull, above your neck, behind the ears. If you feel any pain or tenderness you should seek an evaluation
  • Any neck, back, or should pain should be addressed
  • Any type of lower or mid back pain, beneath the shoulder blades should be addressed
  • If you cannot move your head from side to side, or if there is a loss of a range of motion, you may need a spinal correction
  • If your neck makes a clicking sound when you move it from side to side
  • You experience frequent headaches or migraines
  • You had a trauma, even one only leading to a minor concussion, to the head, neck, or shoulders
  • You have sensitive vision
  • You experience Vertigo, dizziness, or other movement sensations
  • You experience tingling or burning, especially in your fingers and toes
  • You have been diagnosed with Scoliosis
  • One of your legs is longer than the other

If you suffer from one of the above problems, it is time to seek an Upper Cervical Specialist. Self-cracking your back or spine might seem like a good idea, and it may lead to temporary relief, but it will not lead to a healthier back. A person cracking their own spine, or even a General Chiropractor cracking a person’s spine, no more leads to a healthier back than the cracking sound of metal not lead to a car crash.

If you have one of the above symptoms, it is important to see a NUCCA specialist who will align your spine without any popping, cracking or twisting of your spine. Once you spine is aligned, your brain will be able to better communicate with your body, and your body will function properly.

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