Dizzy spells, dizziness, and vertigo are very debilitating symptoms. People suffering dizzy spells want answers. What caused this? How can it be fixed? To help promote a better understanding, I will use the terms dizzy spells, dizzyness, and vertigo interchangeably for this article.

There is often multiple different treatments recommended for dizzy spells and vertigo. The medical profession prefers drugs that are designed to reduce nausea. However, non-drug approaches show promise in the scientific literature. One approach to helping resolve dizzy spells and vertigo is the NUCCA procedure. There are several research studies that indicate NUCCA is helpful.

Most recently in the J. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research – March 29, 2012 there is a case study of a person with Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s disease causes bouts of vertigo or severe imbalance as well as other symptoms. In this case study the NUCCA procedure was used and the person had remarkable improvement with the vertigo and other symptoms associated with the Meniere’s disease.

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Seeking NUCCA Chiropractic for Dizzy Spells

The MRI picture at the top of this article shows the brain and inner ear mechanism. Many experts think the inner ear mechanism called the vestibular apparatus is responsible solely for dizzy spells and vertigo. It is apparent, however, that the brain stem area is involved in many dizziness and vertigo cases. We know this, because NUCCA correction has a positive affect on the brain stem. It occurs by relieving pressure on the delicate nerves of the brain stem area. It is believed that this beneficial influence on the brainstem area is how the NUCCA procedure helps many people who suffer dizzy spells and vertigo.

Let me tell you about a person we helped this year with severe dizziness and vertigo. This woman was able to walk, but certain movements of her head increased the vertigo. We had her sit comfortably in our exam room. Then we began to run some painless tests on the neck area to see if this was the type of case NUCCA may be able to help.

When we moved her head and neck gently backward she completely lost her balance and fell right over! We were right there to support her, but it was amazing how with a simple movement of her head she would go right down! Within a a day of her first NUCCA correction she had less dizziness! It took several weeks to completely resolve the vertigo and return to normal. This case is similar to many cases we have helped over the past 23 years in practice using the NUCCA procedure.

Does NUCCA work in every case of dizzy spells or vertigo? No, this works in cases where the neck and head misalignment are contributing to the dizziness and vertigo. Usually we can tell if we can help a person by running some painless testing to see if he or she is a candidate for NUCCA care.

Dizzy spells and vertigo are very scary symptoms and can totally incapacitate a person. Having the option of a natural, non-drug approach to this problem will help people suffering from dizziness or vertigo.


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