Migraine headaches are experienced worldwide by millions of people. In the USA alone, it is estimated that 38 million individuals have had a head pain at some point in life. Why do these migraines occur, and is there a correlation between aging and the onset of head pain?

From children to the aged, migraines can affect anyone. One study was focused on the results of the aging process. Certain signs of aging, such as graying hair and back pain tend to show up starting in a person’s 30s. However, the study did find that head pain began to show as a common problem as early as age 24. Graying hair is considered a ‘natural’ process and effect of aging. Migraines are not part of a natural process. They simply should not happen. Researchers find that when the body is subjected to stress, head pain can begin to appear.

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Where to Find Help for Migraine in Renton

How can one go about finding relief to migraine headaches? For many, traditional treatments—whether invasive or not—have not yielded the long-term benefits desired by patients. As a natural alternative, many have turned to upper cervical chiropractic care. Why is there reason to believe that this specific form of chiropractic can really help headache symptoms?  

Case studies have pointed to the upper vertebrae in the neck being out of position as a possible trigger or cause of head pain. Proper blood and oxygen flow can be hindered when the vertebrae are out of alignment. Over time, this can create some serious conditions, head pain being one of them. Upper cervical chiropractors are trained to use specialized techniques which can carefully realign the out of place structures. Once the stress has been released from vessels and other systems in the area, normal function and blood flow can resume. During this healing process, many patients find that migraine symptoms lessen in severity or cease altogether.


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