Fibromyalgia can be a painful and debilitating disease. While the primary cause of the condition is still unknown, fibromyalgia is often, like chronic fatigue syndrome, diagnosed as being all in the head of the sufferer. The fact is that it may be more in your neck. Consider how upper cervical chiropractic may thus help with this and many other conditions.

While there is still so much that is not known about fibromyalgia, many patients have seen reduced symptoms after seeking upper cervical chiropractic care. Perhaps this is due to the fact that upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the top two vertebrae. These are positioned right at the brain stem. Thus, they are in a position to affect nerves all over the body if they are injured or out of alignment.

Many have received drug free, natural relief for their fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other conditions by using upper cervical chiropractic. Upper cervical chiropractic care is an extremely gentle form of care without any popping, cracking or twisting of general chiropractic manipulation, making it much more comfortable for someone suffering from fibromyalgia.

What would it hurt to seek out a local upper cervical chiropractic specialist to determine if this type of care could help you?

Yes, while you may often be made to feel that your condition is all in your head, the fact may be that it is actually in your upper neck. It’s time to get rid of the joint pain, headaches, insomnia, and other fibromyalgia symptoms. Talk to an upper cervical chiropractic specialist today to learn if this is the right drug-free approach option for you.


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