nervous systemMultiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the most perplexing of all diseases and there is still very little known about what causes it or the factors that influence its progression. Multiple Sclerosis starts with localized inflammatory deterioration of the myelin sheaths, triggered by an assault by the immune system. All of these factors interfere with nerve impulses and can cause symptoms that include loss of vision, muscle weakness and various neurological impairments.

While no drug, supplements or other therapies can cure Multiple Sclerosis, some treatments can slow the disease’s progress and some treatments have been proven to significantly reduce MS symptoms and/or prolong remission periods. Today, more and more people are turning to non-pharmaceutical treatment options when Western medicine can’t relieve their symptoms. Over the last few years, even traditional, primary care providers are referring patients to promising alternative treatments.


Drug-free Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms


Exercise can help patients who have mild to moderate Multiple Sclerosis, improving their muscle tone, strength, coordination and balance. Swimming is a great exercise option because in some cases MS symptoms get worse if the body temperature rises. Other varieties of moderate exercise include walking, stretching, yoga, tai chi, and low impact aerobics. MS sufferers, whose symptoms get worse when they’re over heated can use devices like cooling vests to get relief.

A Healthy Diet Plan and Supplements

A diet high in omega 3’s (found in fish and olive oils) and low in saturated fat can be beneficial. In addition, a daily regimen of supplements can play an important part in nutritional strategies for Multiple Sclerosis. The basic recommendations that have the potential to be of being beneficial include, but are not limited to the Omega 3’s, vitamin A, B, C, D, E, calcium and magnesium.


A growing number of people with Multiple Sclerosis symptoms have reported that acupuncture has provided them with some relief of symptoms that include muscle spasms, pain and bladder control problems. While there haven’t been any scientific studies carried out that confirm this to be true, it is thought that acupuncture can be a safe alternative treatment for symptom relief. That being said, the effectiveness and safety of the treatment depends on the skills of the practitioner.

Stress Relief

Stress can trigger and worsen MS signs and symptoms so it’s important to find a way to reduce it. Many Multiple Sclerosis patients regularly have massage therapy to help them relax and cut back on both depression and stress and deep breathing and meditation can help as well.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic

This chiropractic procedure is one of the best drug-free, non-invasive, pain free and safe treatment options for Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, having a positive effect on the central nervous system by adjusting the alignment of the upper neck and head. This positive effect counteracts the negative effects that Multiple Sclerosis has on the central nervous system in some cases. MS patients that can still walk on their own will experience the best results. To find an upper cervical specialist in your area go to Also we have created a series of videos to help you better understand how multiple sclerosis symptoms can be improved with upper cervical chiropractic. These videos outline most of the common questions associated with this approach and include the latest scientific research.

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