headache and muscle knots in neckTriggers of Migraine Headaches

There are many triggers that may bring on a migraine headache. There also underlying reasons why you may be sensitive to certain triggers. Triggers can be “stackable” or “cumulative.” This means that some triggers might not bring on a Migraine if we encounter just one, but “stack” two or more together, and they bring on a Migraine.

Triggers vary from one person to the next. What triggers a Migraine for one person, may not trigger one in another. Here are some of the most common Migraine triggers along with links to more information on our site:

Over-the-counter or prescription medication

Many migraines may be a result of using medication. Even medication that is designed to cover up migraines may be leading to more migraines. Find out more here

Weather Conditions

There are quite a few people who experience migraine pains because of a change in weather. Now, the exact type of weather change that triggers migraines is not uniform throughout all individuals. But there are certain types of weather changes that trigger this type of headache. Many people experience migraines in summers when the temperature rises excessively.  Find out more here

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Stress Release

The body undergoes many changes when stress is released. Some migraine sufferers may experience an attack after an extremely stressful week. College students, will sometimes get migraines after finals, for example.  Find out more here

Change in Sleep Patterns

It is perfectly natural for the body to experience various symptoms when the sleep pattern is disturbed. But in the case of migraine patients, a slightly disrupted pattern could trigger an attack. Individuals who suffer from migraine should form a sleep pattern and stick to it. Even the slightest change could trigger a massive attack.  Find out more here

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to migraines and their triggers. You can find a comprehensive list and ways to naturally overcome your migraines without drugs in our complimentary e-book. Just click the button below to download it.


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