Your Infant’s Colic

According to research done by French researchers that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there is a link between infants with colic and people who develop a migraine disorder. The development of that neurological disorder can take place either in their childhood or sometime during their adulthood, but there is no denying the connection that is evident in three other studies that link infant colic and migraines.

According to The Huffington Post:

“In the study, children ages 6 to 18 who visited an emergency room for migraine headaches were about six times more likely to have experienced colic — or frequent, unexplained crying — as an infant compared with children who visited the emergency room for other reasons. The new findings suggest infant colic and migraines may be symptoms of the same underlying condition, said study researcher Dr. Luigi Titomanlio, of the pediatric emergency department at Robert Debré Hospital in Paris.”

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The Condition Underlying the Condition

While medical researchers continue to find out more and more about why migraines happen, upper cervical chiropractors are helping people find relief from this neurological disorder. A misalignment in the upper neck vertebrae changes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, as well as blood to and from the brain. Altering the flow of CSF and blood can cause various neurological problems throughout the body, including colic in children that can result in migraines later on in life.

Unfortunately, those misalignments can happen during the birthing process, such as in the case of a birth by C-section or any other type of birth in which the child’s head was twisted or forced through the birthing canal. That birth injury can result in colic, GERD, ear infections, or other childhood health problems.

Though, the good news is any misalignments in the upper cervical spine that resulted from such an injury can be reverse using upper cervical chiropractic. An upper cervical chiropractor can examine the upper neck of a migraine sufferer for any misalignments that may be the underlying cause of their migraines. They will then make any needed adjustments so as to restore the flow of cerebral blood and cerebrospinal fluid, as well to allow the brain to communicate with the body once again.

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