Your Child and an MS Report

Every parent wants the best for their child. That desire is so deep that new parents cheer when they count ten fingers and ten toes on their newborn children. That desire never stops, and parents will do almost anything to make sure their kids grow up happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, as much as we love our kids, we just can’t prevent bad things from happening to them all of the time. Most of the time those bad things happen in the form of bumps, bruises, and and scrapes. But sometimes they come in the form of a doctor reporting bad news to us about our children.

One negative report that no parent wants to hear of their child is that they have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). News like that has a tendency to change one’s life and not for the better.


Multiple Sclerosis and Nerve Damage

Perhaps, right now, you haven’t received such a report about your child or maybe even yourself, but maybe you or your child are going through testing right now. Well, we want you to be informed about the process, so we thought we’d tell you the facts about MS you should know.

Your nerve cells are protected by a protective covering called the Myelin Sheath that’s may have been damaged. That nerve damage causes signals in your body to slow down or stop, and that means communication between your brain and your body is hindered.

With multiple sclerosis it is crucial that you get your nervous system functioning at the highest possible level. This starts with a thorough evaluation of an area of common problems that affects the brain and the body. This area is known as the upper cervical spine. This is the upper neck where the skull and spine come together and it is also where your brain stem is located which is a gateway between your brain and your spinal cord. Misalignments in this upper neck area can affect flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid and can lead to problems with the brain and the rest of the nervous system.

Upper cervical chiropractors are uniquely trained to correct misalignments in this crucial area. They will thoroughly evaluate your head and neck alignment with examination and 3-D x-ray procedures to determine if a misalignment is present. The misalignment is found it can be corrected with a specific upper cervical corrective procedure custom designed for each individual. This corrective procedure requires no popping, cracking or twisting of the spine and is instead a gentle and precise procedure.

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