Chiropractor in Renton Lists 5 Natural Meniere’s Disease Remedies

Meniere's disease is a vestibular disorder that can cause significant discomfort because of its symptoms like hearing loss and vertigo attacks. It's also among the most commonly reported problem of patients seeking a Chiropractor in Renton. Find out how you can remedy your situation with the help of upper cervical chiropractic as well as other [...]

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How Do You Relieve Vertigo Without Medicine?

Not only will this blog teach you home remedies for your vertigo, but also introduce you to a trusted Renton vertigo chiropractor. Vertigo is a type of dizziness, but it is not the same as lightheadedness. A better description would be a fake feeling that you or your surrounding is moving or spinning uncontrollably. Often, [...]

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Renton Upper Cervical Chiropractor Explains Peripheral and Central Vertigo

Peripheral and central vertigo can be hard to distinguish because of their start similarities. Read on to learn the key differences between the two and find out how you can manage them with the help of a Renton Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Vertigo episodes can cause significant impairments. Contact us to help you with your symptoms [...]

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The Difference Between Vertigo and Lightheadedness

There is an increasing number of people who consult a vertigo chiropractic doctor in Renton. Vertigo is a false sensation that you or your environment is spinning around. Why is it an erroneous sensation? Simply because the systems that control the body are not operating at full capacity. Meaning, the brain is receiving bogus information [...]

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NUCCA Chiropractor in Renton Shares 5 Essential Oils for Vertigo

Many people who struggle with vertigo episodes turn to holistic and natural ways to improve their symptoms. Two options that have grown massively over the years are aromatherapy and essential oils for vertigo. Learn everything you need to know about these two remedies from our NUCCA Chiropractor in Renton. Vertigo episodes can be frustrating to [...]

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Chiropractor Answers Commonly Asked Questions About Vertigo

We asked Dr. Kurt Sherwood, our resident vertigo chiropractor in Renton, WA, to answer some of your commonly asked questions regarding vertigo. If you have been to a doctor’s office before, you may have seen how doctors can tend to be busy and therefore do not have enough time to extensively talk to their patients [...]

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Providing Some Clarity About BPPV

BPPV is among the most common reasons for vertigo to happen to an individual.  The experience of vertigo can sometimes be very frightening and intense, as you feel as though you are spinning or that your surroundings are spinning around you.  The prevalence of BPPV is one of the reasons learning more about this condition [...]

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Six Lesser Known Facts about Vertigo, One Natural Relief Option

For vertigo sufferers, that feeling that we all get when stepping off a whirling amusement park ride or playing silly yard games like "dizzy bat" is magnified, can come on without much warning and can last for several hours.  Vertigo is a false sense of motion that can either feel as if a person is [...]

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Is That Spinning Feeling Dizziness or Vertigo? Can It Be Stopped?

It can be hard to describe exactly what you are feeling when you experience either vertigo or dizziness. Some people may even use both words to describe the same sensation. However, it is important to note that vertigo is much different than dizziness. Vertigo is a vestibular disorder, meaning it comes from the inner ear [...]

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Vertigo Alleviated by Means of Proper Spinal Care

The term vertigo is often used when a person is referring to feeling dizzy. However, there is much more to it than that. When the cause is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, it is known for the following symptoms: A feeling that the person or his environment is spinning Nausea and vomiting Feeling lightheaded Feeling unbalanced [...]

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Finding Out What Is Behind Meniere’s Disease

Most people have heard of Meniere’s disease, but because it is so rare, few understand what it really is. What causes this mysterious condition? Is there any way to care for it that works effectively? Meniere’s disease is defined as a disorder of the vestibular system accompanied by such symptoms as: Tinnitus – ringing in [...]

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After You Ice that Whiplash Injury

More than Ice Icing your back and neck after you sustain a car accident, whiplash, sports-related injury, fall, or collision to your head is always a great idea, but that's only the beginning of the healing process. Icing your injury is a great way to reduce any swelling in your back or neck, but that [...]

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