Could an Atlas Misalignment or B12 Deficiency Trigger Vertigo?

Imagine the room around you suddenly spinning, the ground tilting beneath your feet. You desperately grasp for something stable, but the whole world is betraying you. Your heart pounds, nausea churns in your stomach, and a wave of panic wash over you. This is the terrifying reality of vertigo. If you suffer from frequent episodes, [...]

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8 Questions You Should Ask Your Vertigo Chiropractor in Renton

Imagine not being able to rely on your sense of balance for even the most mundane tasks. You're pouring yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, and suddenly, the room seems to spin. What about when you're at your child's soccer game, trying to cheer them on, but you have to sit down because [...]

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Renton Upper Cervical Chiropractor Shares Sleeping Tips for Vertigo Relief

The reason why vertigo is more common among older adults is primarily attributed to their constant sleep deprivation. There are, however, simple tips that can help you get quality sleep and reduce vertigo — find out what they are now! If you’d prefer a more long-lasting remedy, our Renton Upper Cervical Chiropractor has the answer [...]

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Overcoming Panic Attacks: The Key to Coping with Vertigo

Are you a huge fan of the Disney TV hit, Wandavision? If not, do you love watching shows and movies starring Elizabeth Olsen? If you’re an avid follower of the beautiful Hollywood actress, you know how many fans she has across the globe. But, did you know that she previously suffered from hourly panic attacks [...]

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Fruits that Work Well for Vertigo Patients Shared by a Renton Chiropractor

Calming down your nerves and blood pressure levels is one of the most effective ways to defend yourself against a vertigo attack. Additionally, the best natural approach to do so is by adding fruits to your diet to nourish your body. Get to know what fruits can help you with vertigo and what vitamins and [...]

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The Path to Natural Care for Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease

Vertigo is a debilitating symptom that stems from several health conditions, including the rare Meniere's disease. Albeit rare, this illness can happen to anyone and develop at any age. However, it is more likely in adults between 40 and 60. Even celebrities experience this condition and its debilitating symptoms, vertigo included. Famous musicians such as [...]

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Renton Upper Cervical Chiropractor Lists Tips and Tricks to Relieve Vertigo

Have you been looking for effective and sustainable ways to help better manage your vertigo episodes? We’ve got just what you need! Our Renton upper cervical chiropractor shares some essential tips and tricks to help you navigate the challenges of living with frequent vertigo attacks. Also, we recommend reading on to discover an excellent way [...]

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Top 10 Warning Signs of Vertigo in Children

When vertigo episodes strike in adults, more often than not, it causes debilitating attacks and ruins a happy day. But can you imagine how uncomfortable and confusing it could be when children experience a spinning sensation and its accompanying symptoms? Unfortunately, as the leading source of vertigo relief in Renton WA, we have crossed paths [...]

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7 Signs You May Have Vertigo

Did you know that although vertigo is quite common, there are still a number of people who are unable to identify its symptoms? Some may think that what they are feeling is something entirely unrelated. We’ve listed the top 7 signs that could help you find out if you’re suffering from vertigo. Our vertigo chiropractor [...]

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Meniere’s Disease Facts and the Ultimate Remedy

Meniere’s disease is terrible, and its symptoms can get you bedridden for days. A condition that mainly affects the inner ear, Meniere’s disease causes debilitating episodes of vertigo.   Many of our patients share their horrifying vertigo stories with us, and we always feel for them. That motivates us to do our mission of providing life-changing [...]

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Enjoy Lasting Renton Vertigo Relief By Learning More About PPPD

Vertigo episodes can stem from all kinds of things. One of which is PPPD or Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness. Stanford Medicine describes it as a constant rocking sensation sans nausea. Do you think you have PPPD? Find out how you can experience significant Renton vertigo relief by reading through our quick guide below. Do you [...]

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Benign Paroxysmal Position Vertigo – Your Complete Guide

Thousands of patients seek Renton WA vertigo relief because the condition tends to impact many aspects of life. Some people who frequently experience vertigo episodes find it extremely hard to concentrate on their jobs. Others have to skip essential gatherings because they can’t keep their balance while experiencing false motion. If these scenarios seem familiar [...]

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