Migraines are debilitating and cause the sufferer much anguish. More frustrating than an isolated migraine is having them on a daily basis. How depressing to know that when a person awakens he may have a migraine to cope with. The only thing that those suffering from these and other migraines want is to find an answer to overcoming the pain as quickly as possible.

Many grab Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or other over-the-counter medications to alleviate their symptoms. While these may offer temporary relief, unless the root cause is addressed a migraine will more than likely return. And that may mean more medication. If this goes on every day, serious damage can be done to the body. Here are some important facts to know about migraines:

  • Improper flow of oxygen to the brain can lead to migraines.
  • Specific neural pathways are negatively affected by decreased blood flow to the brain.
  • Misalignments in the upper neck can hinder cerebrospinal blood flow.
  • Misalignments in this area can also break down the stability of the neck leading to loss of proper function of the brainstem.

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Alternatives to Medication Available for Migraines

The above information can lead one to the conclusion that a misalignment of the upper neck may be the root cause of migraines. This has often been seen in research and case studies. It is important to contact a professional who is familiar with this condition in order to get the proper help.

As an upper cervical chiropractor, I begin by using special x-rays that help me determine where the exact location of the misalignment lies. I then use a low force correction to the specific area of the neck that will allow the bones to move back into alignment more naturally than forcing or popping them in place. This lets the body’s natural healing power take over and repair the damage done to nerves and tissue. The body’s communication and blood flow is restored. Many patients, including those in case studies, have seen their headaches improve greatly or even go away entirely with only one or two adjustments.


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