Vision Problems and MS

One of the most common early signs of multiple sclerosis is vision problems, clinically called “optic neuritis.” Inflammation affects the optic nerve and disrupts a person’s central vision. This can lead to blurred vision in one or both eyes, double vision, or loss of contrast or vivid colors. Pain can also accompany the loss when a person looks up or to one side.

When vision problems develop due to the effects of multiple sclerosis, medications are commonly the medical approach. However, the inflammation affecting the optic nerve may be a result of changes in the brain.


What Is Causing the Blurred Vision?

Blurred vision can be a result of brain stem dysfunction affecting the cranial nerves. Here’s an example from the documentary the power of upper cervical.

Proper function of the brain and nervous system ensures that our bodies work properly.  When you are suffering from an upper neck misalignment it can have devastating consequences.

But a gentle correction of this misalignment improves and restores normal nerve and blood flow frequently improving symptoms of dysfunction naturally.

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