Six Lesser Known Facts about Vertigo, One Natural Relief Option

For vertigo sufferers, that feeling that we all get when stepping off a whirling amusement park ride or playing silly yard games like "dizzy bat" is magnified, can come on without much warning and can [...]

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Migraines: Lifestyle Modifications More Helpful Than Medications

Migraines seem to be getting very commonplace. As many as 39 million Americans and 1 billion people worldwide experience this debilitating condition. Migraines are known for extreme throbbing and pounding head pain accompanied by other [...]

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Is That Spinning Feeling Dizziness or Vertigo? Can It Be Stopped?

It can be hard to describe exactly what you are feeling when you experience either vertigo or dizziness. Some people may even use both words to describe the same sensation. However, it is important to [...]

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The Debilitating Pain of Migraines and an Easy, Natural Solution

Hearing the word migraines is sometimes enough to cause one to tremble. If you have ever had this disabling condition, you are not alone. Migraines are the 3rd most prevalent illness worldwide, affecting as many [...]

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Sherwood Spinal Care Offers Patients Migraine Assistance

Migraines are known for negatively impacting one’s life and social engagements. Even family life can be difficult for those with migraines. A study involving 574 people with migraines revealed the following statistics: 50% felt they [...]

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