vertigo relief in Renton WA, vertigo in childrenWhen vertigo episodes strike in adults, more often than not, it causes debilitating attacks and ruins a happy day. But can you imagine how uncomfortable and confusing it could be when children experience a spinning sensation and its accompanying symptoms? Unfortunately, as the leading source of vertigo relief in Renton WA, we have crossed paths with several young patients with chronic vertigo-causing conditions. We’ve also met many parents worried sick because their kids can’t accurately describe what they feel. 

Because of this, we thought of listing ten warning signs of vertigo in children. By raising awareness about these signs and symptoms, we hope that parents can tap into helpful remedies that can provide lasting relief from vertigo attacks.

#1. Unusual clumsiness or awkwardness

Children can be clumsy tiny humans, but you might need to look at why it happens once the clumsiness becomes too frequent and gets out of hand. We also suggest looking at awkward movements that might indicate problems like cervical dystonia and ataxia.

#2. Having poor balance

Kids, especially those who only started to learn walking, gradually develop their sense of balance. At this stage, they still need to grab their walker or the support post of the crib to switch from one position to another. Meanwhile, preschoolers and toddlers already know how to walk and run straight but still suffer from occasional trips or falls when playing. 

If minor accidents become a regular part of your child’s life, you might need to consult with a professional. The earlier you seek help, the better care you can provide your kid. 

#3. Dizziness

Like adults, kids can also experience dizziness and lightheadedness. It can stem from many things, including making swift head movements, standing in one place for too long, and spending too much time under the sun. In some cases, it develops because of motion sickness or vertigo attacks. 

#4. Confusion

Confusion in children can happen due to vertigo and other symptoms. It can manifest in different forms like disorganization, difficulty concentrating, or brain fog. When you schedule a trip to the pediatrician, make sure you disclose all symptoms, including signs of confusion, to ensure your child will get the best care for vertigo relief in Renton WA.

#5. A high fever over 100 degrees

Sometimes, vertigo attacks happen because of viral or bacterial infections inside the inner ears. When this happens, vertigo episodes can come hand in hand with fever. If your child has a fever, we suggest keeping tabs on the temperature changes and other notable symptoms. This will help your child’s pedia doctor when you call for an appointment. 

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#6. Vestibular Migraines

Juvenile vestibular migraines are more common than you think. Unfortunately, it prompts a series of symptoms in your child, including spinning sensations, lightheadedness, motion intolerance, and sensory sensitivity. In most cases, vestibular migraine episodes stretch up to five days and recur several times a month. 

#7. Ear and hearing issues

Your child may experience several ear and hearing issues such as tinging in the ears, called tinnitus, a feeling of fullness in the ear, ear pain, and even temporary hearing loss. These issues can be very frustrating for your child and maybe more challenging to express, especially when pain is involved. While it may also be highly frustrating for you, try to be more patient and understanding while you and your kid try to find a way to relieve the pain and discomfort.

#8. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea is a strong urge to vomit, and when vertigo strikes, this symptom usually happens. Vomiting does not always occur, but it’s also one of the most common signs of vertigo. Watch out for nausea and vomiting in children, as while this may be a common symptom of many different illnesses and conditions, it’s usually a telling sign that something is wrong.

#9. Delayed motor movement

If you suspect a delay in motor movement or development in your child, we recommend looking at the other signs and accompanying symptoms. For example, you may notice a deliberate slowness to hold the head up, walk or stand, and even a sign of always wanting to stay still and avoid movement.

#10. Nystagmus 

Nystagmus means having an uncontrolled movement of the eyes jerking back and forth quickly. The eyes can move involuntarily in different directions like side-to-side, up and down, or circular motion. When this happens, your child might have trouble seeing things or experience a disturbance in their depth perception. Watch out for this sign from your child, as this may lead to an unwanted injury.


Finding an Effective Vertigo Relief in Renton WA

It is common for children to have high energy and run around to play. However, occasional falls or balance problems because of vestibular or central nervous system problems can sometimes indicate postural problems like an atlas subluxation.

The position of the C1 neck bone or atlas can affect brain transmission. If it shifts even the tiniest fraction, it can irritate the impact and disrupt communication between the brain and sensory organs. Consequently, this leads to confusion and causes the brain to detect false or exaggerated movements.

Suppose your child has ticked the checklist for most of the warning signs we mentioned that point to vertigo. In that case, we recommend consulting with Dr. Sherwood of Restoration Spinal Care. 

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